VLUV – Sitting/Gymnastic Ball R65cm/25.6 inches – Petrol Blue


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Product Description

VLUV STOV is the comfy fabric version of the VLUV ball concept. VLUV creates a cosy, warm and fuzzy feeling in any home or office seating arrangement. They fit perfectly into any living and working environment. And VLUV is also beneficial to back health: Our VLUV was tested and has been certified as an “Ergonomic Product” by the Germany Institute of Back Health (Interessengemeinschaft der R├╝ckenschullehrer/ Innen e.V.).

The Idea Behind it All:

The idea for VLUV emerged in the summer of 2014 when we saw an unappealing neon-colored PVC ball in a high-class designer’s office and we asked ourselves, “Isn’t there a better and more beautiful way to do that”? Why don’t we develop a more handsome fabric shell, made of felt or leather, for this type of orthopedic ball to turn it into a heathy seating commodity, and an attractive designer object for any home or office?

VLUV is the latest creation from HOCK – the first brand in the world that is solely dedicated to the topic of sitting balls. VLUV comfort, youthful design, and healthy seating posture together.

The Design:

Our design was inspired by ancient medicine balls, refined with a design-patented handle making easy to transport from point A to point B. Incorporated to the underside of the ball is a small ring of fabric to prevent continuous rolling while seated.

By tautly inflating the ball inside the sturdy sheathing results in a safer, more robust suppleness than in conventional PVC balls while still enabling on to practice healthy pelvic rotation exercises and for playful Rock n’ Rollers to take the stage.


  • Sitting/Gymnastic Ball made of robust phthalate-free PVC (included)
  • Sheathing made of thickly woven Polyester
  • All seams are sewn double flat-felled
  • Practical carrying handle
  • Small ring of fabric to prevent continuous rolling while seated
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