TechFit E410 Cross Trainer, Elliptical Bike Home, Weight Loss Machine Cardio Fitness Exercises, Magnetic Resistance Device Fit Indoor Spaces


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Product Description

If you want to lose extra pounds in a very short time and have great results, almost immediately, we have the perfect item for you. TechFit E410 is a revolutionary product, specially designed for those who want to lose weight and tone their muscles.

We offer you a product that successfully combines 4 types of cardio exercises: cycling, jogging, skiing and stepping. Along with a balanced diet, the routine of these cardio exercises ensures both the development of a harmonious body and the maintenance of a positive psychic and a positive attitude.

With this bike, you will lose twice as much fat as if you walk, step by step. All muscle groups will be permanently worked, trained, so your body will grow harmoniously.

From the point of view of technical details, the design of the TechFit E410 is innovative. That’s why you will feel comfortable during workout. The shape of the bike is aerodynamic, suitable for people of any size. The training can take 8 speeds, being as professional as the gym. Our recommendation is that at the beginning of any kind of training you warm your muscles to avoid injuries or not to get tired prematurely.

Also, the handles are provided with anti-slip surface, just like the pedals. It is very important to have these aspects in a fitness bike, the correct training depends to a great extent on them.

You will perform 4 types of exercises in 1: cycling, jogging, skiing and stepping. With such training, it is impossible for results not to appear quickly. You will have the perfect device to lose weight quickly and intelligently, so the only things missing are motivation and determination.

Maximum weight: 120 kg.

Get ready for an enviable body with TechFit E410!


  • ✅ 7 Kg FLYWHEEL SYSTEM – get ready to experience a professional workout with our crosstrainer. The modern design and the solid flywheel will give you all the comfort needed for a workout like in the gym.
  • ✅ 8 RESISTANCE LEVELS – A professional workout requires not only a strong will, but also good product with multiple intensities of training your muscles. TechFit E410 has 8! Be ready to get fully trained and shaped!
  • ✅ LCD MONITOR – This monitor shows you the time, speed, distance, calories, pulse, scan and ODO for a better training.
  • ✅ HANDLES WITH PULSE SENSORS INTEGRATED – Your workout sessions will be monitored to carefully manage the rhythm of your training.
  • ✅ WHEELS FOR BETTER TRANSPORT AND STORAGE – The design of the bike is specially made to save space and for easy transport to any corner of the house.
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