Marcy Pro PM4400 Leverage Home Multi Gym with 125kg Olympic Weight Set

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Product Description

The Marcy Pro PM4400 Leverage Home Gym provides another outlet for strength training at home, the fundamental benefit of a leverage gym is lifting heavy, safely. The controlled, natural path of motion the PM4400 follows allows you to workout to the point of failure without the danger of dropping the weight on yourself.

Because of this safe and worry free aspect to training you can lift heavier weights than you would normally feel comfortable doing. This is how the PM4400 will expedite your muscle growth, like no other conventional weight bench or multi gym could hope too.

Marcy have integrated innovative features into the PM4400 that distinguish it from others. The adjustable bench will conveniently swivel sideways with one release pin to create an open workout space for squats, rows, shrugs and more. The bench also sits on a cantilever, enabling it to move back and forth to align your body perfectly with the press arm depending on the exercise.

Weight Plate Breakdown

– 2 x 20kg
– 2 x 15kg
– 2 x 10kg
– 4 x 5kg
– 4 x 2.5kg
– 4 x 1.25kg

Exercise Capabilities

– Chest: Incline bench press, flat bench, decline press
– Back: Lat pulldown, bent over row, reverse grip row, deadlifts
– Shoulders: Shoulder press, shrugs, upright row
– Legs: Squats, lunges, romanian deadlifts, calf raises
– Biceps: Reverse pulldown, bicep curl (wide & narrow)
– Triceps: Tricep pushdowns, close grip press
– Abs: Upper ab crunches, reverse decline crunches

Key Product Specifications

– Framework: 14-gauge heavy duty industrial solid steel framework
– Upholstery: 2.5″ inch thick box stitched padded upholstery helps support lower back
– Paint Finish: Power coated chip resistant finish
– Bushings: Metal ½ inch thick, pivot the lever-arm motion smoothly
– Approximate Self-assembly Time: 3-4 hours (basic tools included)
– Bolt to Floor Recommended: No


  • Includes 125kg olympic weight plate set | Adjustable lever arm on home gym replaces barbell providing precise motion and safety at all times | Adjustable bench and seat pads can be set to flat, incline, decline and shoulder press options
  • Bench can be pivoted to the side to create a workout space for squats, rows, shrugs etc.. | No cables or pulleys used, must be loaded with olympic 2″ weight plates (NOTE: Weights plates are not included)
  • Innovative cantilever design allows the bench to pivot backwards and forwards for a perfect exercise position | Uses industrial grade steel framework and components for absolute durability and stability
  • Weight Load on Front Lever Arm: 226kg / 500lbs | Weight Load on Rear Lever Arm: 400lbs / 181kg | Maximum User Weight Capacity: 350lbs / 158kg / 25 Stone | Weight Storage Posts (Per Post): 200lbs / 90kg
  • Assembled Dimensions: Length: 206cm x Width: 133cm x Height: 189cm | Manufacturers Warranty: 2 Years Limited Parts, 1 Year Pads and Grips
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