Marcy MD-9010G Home Gym Smith Machine with Weight Bench

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Product Description

The Marcy MD-9010G Home Gym Smith Machine is the ultimate overall gym system, it provides an almost limitless exercise range without sacrificing it’s high quality construction. Commercial quality linear ball bearings have been installed in the smith press bar, these offer a far superior smooth gliding action as oppose to most home smith machines that use plastic bushings.

Other stand out features include an independent weight bench with quick pin angle adjustment for military, inclines, flat and decline variations. Dual high swivel pulleys and a low pulley system with foot plate, heavy gauge steel frame work ensures the MD-9010G is solid and durable.

Gym Attachments Included

Straight Bar
Lat Bar
2 x Single D-Handles
Tricep Rope
Ankle Strap


Maximum user’s weight: 300 lbs / 136kg
Maximum weights on the rack: 600 lbs / 272kg
Maximum weights on Leg Developer: 100 lbs / 45kg
Maximum weights on Pulley System: 200 lbs / 90kg

Box 1 Dimensions: 84″ x 20″ x 8″ (237 lbs)
Box 2 Dimensions: 43″ x 20.5″ x 8″ (115 lbs)
Box 3 Dimensions: 60″ x 24″ x 7″ (85 lbs)

Exercises Available

Chest: Incline, Flat, Decline Press (Smith or Free Weight), Pec Dec, DB Flyes, Cable Crossovers
Back: Lat Pulldown (Wide/Close), Seated Rows, Bent Over Rows, Single Arm Rows
Shoulders: Shoulder Press, Upright Rows, Shrugs, Lateral Raises, Front Raises
Triceps: Tricep Pushdowns, Tricep Press, Tricep Kickbacks, Overhead Rope Extensions
Biceps: Preacher Curls, Cable Curls, Hammer Rope Curls, High Cable Curls
Legs: Squats, Leg Extensions, Leg Curls, Deadlifts, Lunges
Abs: Cable Crunches, Woodchoppers, Weighted Leg Raises


  • Sealed linear ball bearings provide ultra smooth pressing motion | weights are optional extra and are not supplied (shown for illustration purposes only)
  • Low pulley with foot plate | Adjustable bar catches | Cables are aircraft rated at 2000 lb. tensile strength
  • Independent weight bench adjusts from military, inclines, flat and decline angles | Removable preacher pad & leg developer included
  • Maximum user’s weight: 300 lbs. / 136kg / 21 Stone | Maximum weights on the rack: 600 lbs. / 272kg / 42 Stone
  • Dimensions: Height: 216cm (85”) x Width: 203cm (80”) x Length ink Bench: 254cm (100”) – Manufacturers Warranty: Lifetime frame, 3 Year Parts, Pulleys & Cables,1 Year Upholstery
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