Heavy Filled 11 Piece 5ft Boxing Punch Bag Set Gloves Bracket Chains MMA Pad

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Heavy filled punch bag is made from high quality synthetic leather which has an extra ordinary strength and life. This punch bag is carefully stitched and checked for every detail before it is filled to the highest standard. The design features a zipped top which can be opened/closed to increase or decrease the amount of filling. Key Features Machine filled Punch bag is made from thick grade Rexion (synthetic leather) Zip top design enables you to customize the punch bags filling if required Punch bag features re-enforced, heavy duty, double stitched and riveted D-shackles Punch bag comes with a free swivel chain for hanging Essential training aid for keeping fit, exercise, boxing, MMA kick boxing, karate, and other martial arts 18 inch Wall standard Bracket to hold heavy punch bags upto 50kg.


  • 1 X 5ft Punch Bag 1 x Standard Bracket 18 inch long
  • 1 x Pair of hand wraps ( 2.5 meter long with out stretching) 1 x Pair of Bag Gloves for the proper protection of knuckles( 2 pcs)
  • 1 x key ring 1 x Car Hanging Mini Gloves ( Miniature Boxing gloves)
  • 1 x A pair of wrist support/gym training straps , 1 x Hanging Steel Swivel Chain ( 4 strands +D Shackle)
  • 1 x Hand Gripper , 1 x Skipping Rope ( Approx. 9ft Long)
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