FIT4HOME F4H Home Multi Gym ES-403 Toning Body Building Workstation Strength Machine


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Having a home gym or workout room within your home is becoming increasingly popular because it brings along several benefits: Weight training equipment: There is a wide range available and there is no need to go for the more complicated machines to get started. A few sets of weights and accessories (such as a weight bench, training gloves and possibly an exercise ball) are a great start to a home weight training program Convenience: You can work out in your home gym whenever you please, without restriction and within the comfort of your own domain. Use your weight training equipment for as long as you please, play the kind of music that gets you in the mood to push your limit and enjoy the privacy if that is what you prefer. Above all, there is no need to travel – Simply change and off you go Hygiene: Exercising at home means you do not have to rely on others to take hygiene into account. Your equipment is used by only the people in your household and there is much less danger of contracting some kind of disease you could do without Motivation: There are legions of reasons why people get discouraged from following through their weight training program at the gym and having equipment to work out with in the comfort of your own home takes a way a number of those reasons. Expense: Home gyms can be pretty cheap if you are comfortable working with free weights and basic accessories. If you are serious about weight training equipment and are in it for the long haul, it is probably more economical buying a multi-gym or more advanced equipment in general. Although quite an expense to get into, you can save money on the long term by avoiding expensive gym memberships.


  • Strong tubular (38 mm) square steel upright frame with chip black Hammertone resistant Epoxy powder coating., Impact Absorbing Rubber Frame End Caps, Seats & backrest have deep padded vinyl (cloth backed) covers
  • High Denisty Expanded Foam Grips & Leg Rollers, 72Kg Max Resistence on Bench Press, 45Kg Weight Stack, Exercise Functions: Lat Pulldown (Front and Back) Pec Dec Leg Extension Leg Curls Upright Rows knee raise leg lift
  • Maximum user weight: 125kg / 275lbs / 19.6 stones
  • Packaged Size: Box1: 180 x 35 x 17 CM (Gross Weight: 37 kg) Box2: 38 x 19 x 27 cm (Gross Weight: 23 kg) Box3: 38 x 19 x 24 cm (Gross Weight: 23 kg), Set-up Size: 120 x 97 x 205 CM, Net Weight: 81 kg, Gross Weight: 83 Kg
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