Booband Boobuddy Adjustable Breast Support Band Sports Bra Alternative, Black


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Product Description

Are your assets getting in the way of your sport and lifestyle activities? The Booband/Boobuddy has been developed to reduce vertical and lateral movement, prevent injury, pain, ligament damage and sagging. Benefit from a new level of comfort, performance, and confidence thanks to this wonderful fitness accessory!

BuzzFeed recently recommended Booband as a ‘life-changing product’: “The Booband not only made me feel more comfortable, but more confident running in public, too. I started picking up my pace and stopped fearing workouts that ended in burpees. This thing is, hands down, the best money I’ve ever spent on my chest pillows”.


  • Far greater reduction in vertical and lateral movement compared to sport bras. The ideal solution for all low, medium and high impact activities. Wear with or without a sports bra (or regular bra). Benefit from a new level of confidence.
  • Whilst it has its roots in the medical support world, and is great for post-op breast surgery/augmentation recovery, it has been developed for modern activity and exercise.
  • Prevents movement, injury, ligament damage, pain and sagging, and improves posture. The adjustable velcro supports breasts of various sizes.
  • Increases comfort, confidence, and performance during all sporting, fitness and lifestyle activities. Perfect for running/jogging, group exercise, gym sessions, workouts (e.g. burpees), horse riding, tennis, yoga, martial arts and much more.
  • Small: fits dress size 6-12 (90cm in length). Medium: fits dress size 12-18 (100cm in length). Large: fits dress size 18+ (130cm in length).
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